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Its the small things that count.

As you all know we headed over to Ultimate Stance at the start of this month to get some coverage and get to know alot more of you guys! 

We decided there is know better way to get to chat with some people and have abit of banter than to throw in a wee feature here and there, well thats exactly what we did. We happened to see Jeni’s new look for the corsa on instagram just before we set flight over to Telford and we just loved it. So simple but really does stand out! 

The custom bag over coil air ride setup with V2 management and LED lit bootbuild are a few of the most noticeable modifications on the car, but this car offers plenty of subtle things making it the car it is.

Smoothed tailgate with handle delete making it a one off popper button system, lower front splitter, smoked headlights and rear tinted tailights are some of the little things that really get this cars shapes and lines looking great as the whole car is glossy black. 

Jeni did have this corsa running a set of black Porsche D90s giving it that real murdered out look, but arent we glad she switched to the 17×8 custom forged Image Billet 61s with hidden hardware! It really give it the look it needed with the gloss white centres and polished lips. 

We really did have great fun meeting you and your mates, was a really fun shoot and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

Look forward to seeing this much more in 2016. 

Photos by: Rowen Corey

Words by: Rowen Corey

Car Owner: Jeni Bailey

Location: Telford, England