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Strolling around the carpark at Faaker See “turbokurve” I spotted the car’s you see on these pages rolling in. Noticing the registration plates were closer to home than the many German and Austrian plates present at Worthersee, I grabbed a few shot’s, one of which I sent to Letstance bossman, Rowen, hoping to find out who the owners were.

A couple of hours later we had a shoot planned for the following morning and the result, the photo’s you see here.

First up is Adam’s 350z. Coated in Bahama Blue, wrapped by Vinyl Image, Adam’s tastefully styled
Nissan boast’s an eye-catching set of 11” wide VIP Modular VX series wheels coated in 265/30 19” tyres.
Kitted with a genuine Nismo front bumper, side skirts and exhaust, the exterior of this car really stands out. Those Zakustec louvers mounted to the rear window, the first of their kind in the UK, adding to the look.

Adam has fitted a set of Corbeau bucket seats to keep him firmly in command and a set of BC Racing ultra low coilovers to keep the car firmly on the road, while maintaining that perfect stance.

Where Adam has gone the static route, Alec has taken the bagged alternative for his TT. Fitted with Airlift Slam Series suspension coupled with V2 management, Alec has his TT sitting perfectly on the ground, tucking a set of Quantum44 S5D 19” wheels.

Resprayed just in time for Worthersee last April in Merlin Purple, the colour gives this car a unique look. He has also fitted a 3” turbo back Scorpion exhaust to allow the TT to express itself when he desires.

Big thanks to Rowen for making this shoot happen while I was at Worthersee, and thanks to Adam and Alec for providing the two outstanding car’s you see here to shoot.

Photos by: Ross Delaney
Words by: Ross Delaney
Location: Worthersee, Austria