FittedUK 2017

FittedUK… a show we have always wanted to be at and something has always came up.

This year as soon as dates were released we made sure nothing was stopping us going. Initially with a change of venue in mix we weren’t sure whether it was going to be worth it or not… well let us tell you, 100% WORTH IT!!

It was a modified car Heaven. The venue in the heart of Manchester is ridiculously huge. The standard of cars was insane and the crowd that the show attracted still has us amazed.

A car that stood out for us all weekend was this wide body Lexus.


Another was this bad ass Dodge Charger.


The variation of cars as we said was insane and was great to see the full car community coming together.

Im sure you all have seen the car destroying the internet atm and we will leave it up to yourselves to decide why but we like the difference and engineering of Zak’s Lupo at the moment


If you missed it this year do what we did, do or die. Book it and be there.

Hats of lads and ladies epic show and we will be back.

Photos by: Rowen Corey

Words by: Rowen Corey

Location: Manchester, England

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