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Every ‘group or club’ has a scene queen right!?

Well its only fair that now we feature LSUK’s very own Scene Queen Niall’s Scirocco.

Niall’s a top notch guy and joined our team back at our first show in 2015 and has been a big part of the team ever since. A top notch guy has a top notch car…

We have seen this Scirocco change in many ways not only does it look great but it goes great, with a Revo stage 2 remap, Revo cold air intake and a BCS turboback decat exhaust system sees it pushing big figures!

Big figures aint all the Scirocco has, 19″ Rotiform OZT’s, 9″ fronts with a 1.5″ dish and 10″ rears with a 2.5″ dish makes these wheels damn impressive with a polished candy black face and gold hardware.

The car gets its mega lows with Air Lift’s performance bags and v2 management system. Giving the perfect arch to lip fitment.

So we have the performance, we have the stance and looks… why not throw in a custom bootbuild showing off the polished air tank, sub and incorporate that with an awesome custom built roll cage finished in powder red!

Niall really has went all out with his car and has pretty much done and thought about everything. Heck he’s even fitted Recaro Pole Positions trimmed in alcantara with red stitching matching the red rollcage and FIA approved 4 point harnesses.

The car really is a credit to you man. Delighted to have you as part of the LSUK Team and cant wait to see what you get up to for 2017 Season.

 Photos by: Rowen Corey

Words by: Rowen Corey

Location: Belfast, N.Ireland