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Scotty’s MK6, what can we say he really has ‘stepped up his game’ we love the look of this car. 

Yes a lot of people have the mk6 bagged on nice wheels but Scott has really took his time and thought about this build to try make it stand out.

With the full exterior getting a respray leaving the paint in perfect condition with the front and rear arches getting rolled and pulled, making way for the real talking point of this car… The BBS Strosek 16s stepped up to 18s 9.5 front 10j rear. Full Radinox step up kit with gold bolts making it the only set of Stroseks stepped up to these specs in the UK (that we are aware of). 

Scott went all out on the wheels but anyone who has seen his car knows that he hasn’t held back on the interior either. Red Bride Low Max seats trimmed centers in tartan and carbon Kevlar backs is the biggest focal point in the interior and looks crazy nice! 

Open the boot and not only do you see the sick Kevlar seat backs but a subtle and tidy boot build making the car a 2 seater showing off John Peden’s handy work of the hydros fitted by him. 

The interior has not been over looked with its fine details. Carbon door and dash trims, Black Forest Industries gear knob and a MK7 GTI flat bottom steering wheel with Red stitching. 

This car really has been a car we loved snapping pics of all season and cant wait to see what he comes up with next year. 

Photos by: Rowen Corey

Words by: Rowen Corey 

Location: Belfast, N.Ireland