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They have certainly BUILT the foundations for an amazing show 2018. 


We were excited to hear that another mixed marque carshow was coming to Northern Ireland and Fitted State, Blok51 and Blackwater Graphics did not disappoint!

Based in the heart of Belfast in a great location, The Titanic Exhibition Centre was the venue for the new show, the hype was building and the teaser pics of cars accepted set a high standard for indoors area. Pete Matthews unveiled his new TT colour which was simply stunning, and incredible job taking the TT to a new level we didn’t think was possible… 



The show was well laid out with all kinds of different builds leaving you wondering where to go look next. Peter Warnock’s MX5 is one of those cars we didn’t get bored looking at. Safe to say you’ve nailed the look this year dude! 



Nothing better than going to a chilled out show with a good crowd and great vide and thats exactly what Built provided. Whilst chilling we managed to catch a few snaps of Abby’s kick ass paintwork on DA Customs stand, well worth checking out if you get the chance, flake and workmanship is insane!




Fitted State, Blok51 and Blackwater, take a bow you guys really did pull off a great show! Kick the feet up but not for too long cause we new already looking forward to seeing what you guys do next year!



Definitely one for the diary! 

Good work lads! 


Photos by: Ryan Sands

Words by: Rowen Corey

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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