LSUK HQ is based in Belfast, N.Ireland and its no big secret that we don’t get too much sunshine…

So when myself and a few of the team were up chilling in the sunshine at Kleen Freaks Shop we knew we were going to have to make the most of it! (Mike always encourages).


We checked the advanced weather forecast and seen that the following weekend was to be much of the same sun shining weather with nice high temperatures. Well… what do you do when its warm… BBQ!

Massive thank you to everyone who was invited down and came to enjoy some ‘Grill & Chill’ with the LSUK Crew and friends. We had a great time looking at all the cars parked up in the sun whilst getting extremely burnt (youll notice some redness in the coverage)

All I can say is if the weather does its bit we will be back very very soon to do it all again.

Big thanks to Kleen Freaks, Blackline Performance and SkankFM for the support.

photos by: Antoni Furman
Words by: Rowen Corey
Location: Belfast. N.Ireland

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