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I ain’t never seen an ass like dat…

Calvin’s Jetta has been a work in progress and may look like a fairly normal ‘wheels and air’ show car but trust me its not.

For starters the colour is not standard, resprayed Audi Sepang blue giving it a real nice stand out colour in the sunlight but real rich looking colour in the shade.

Airlift slam series air ride with V2 management. Chassis notched and anti roll bar removed giving it maximum lows laying its pretty much frame all round!

Now remember we were talking about that rich paintwork colour… check out the wheels that finish the job!! Calvin’s running 17 BBS RS 9.25j and 10j Radinox lips and powder coated metallic copper honestly these wheels are insane!

So the subtle things that make a big difference are things like the USA boot lid, USA front grill, USA GLI rear valance, Votex side skirts, Votex roof and boot lip spoilers to name but a few.

The car is absolutely mint and an absolute credit to Calvin and his hard work

Thanks for letting us shoot it man and we look forward to seeing what happens next.

Words by: Rowen Corey
Photos by: Antoni Furman
Location: Browns Bay, N.Ireland.