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Dishes for days…

We have only seen this car a handful of times and every time we have we wanted to feature it. We managed to corner Barry and finally make it happen!



I mean lets just get straight to the point, those wheels!! Like these wheels are crazy cool, it was what caught our attention and made it really stand out for us. BBS RS 16inch triple stepped to 18inch. Honestly you need to stop and stare at the wheels if you get the chance.



The mk7 has been lowered on a set of Custom BC struts with bags on top built by Only Charged Dubs and fitted by Barry himself running Airlift 3p management. A lot of effort has went into getting this car sitting right like we said with the addition of custom camber top mounts and Maxed out hardrace back arms making the fitment and airing out look absolutely top dolla’.



The car has been fitted with some easy on the eye parts to give it that extra touch like Carbon wing mirrors and front splitter he’s even gone all out and put in a set of RS3 wingback seats which just add to the overall aggressive look.

Talking about that aggressive look, check out the front end of this badboy! Barry fitted 25mm wider front wings which really just set the front end off.



Seriously man we are so glad we got to shoot this car, we couldn’t miss out on it! One of our favourites to date this year.

Unreal work and we look forward to seeing what else is in store for it.


Words by: Rowen Corey

Photos by: Antoni Furman

Location: Longford, Ireland