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Can’t get much wider than this…

You may remember this BMW looking a bit different last season, but it came back better than before with new paint, wheels and other details, which makes it turns heads even more than it has last year. If you were around last season, you will also remember that this BMW was static, well, after a few broken splitters, it has been equipped with Air lift Performance 3p Air suspension, making it sit even lower than before on a truly beautiful set of Work VSXX wheels, that have been painted in a deep black.

I dare to say, you can’t get much wider with this Pandem Kit that gives it a fierce, aggressive look and also a large presence on the roads. To top it off, a M3 rear bumper along with a bonnet has been put on the car. Underneath that bonnet, you will find an N54 335i engine running 450bhp. These figures have been achieved with the help of a HKS intercooler with custom pipework, Two HKS cone intakes and an MHD map to finish it all off. I have to also mention that the sound of this BMW is insane, this has been achieved using a fully custom exhaust system and Catless Downpipes.

What makes this build stand out even more than it already does, is the immense attention to detail, all the way from Recaro seats that have been trimmed using the same colour as the car itself to the rollcage which I’m sure you have noticed before. It has been custom made and finished with a vibrant yellow paint. To spice up the interior even more, a Keys racing steering wheel has been mounted, making the car look pretty much track ready.

In all honesty, if you have not seen this car in person, you are truly missing out. You better not miss out on your opportunity to see it this season as I’m sure it will be at most of the shows this year.

Words by: Antoni Furman
Photos by: Antoni Furman
Location: Dundalk, Ireland