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The show that just keeps on giving…

Dubshed X, or the tenth Dubshed ran just keeps producing great cars, a great atmosphere and a show that people want to be at.
Every year we go we wonder will it just be the same as last year or when will it just not interest us anymore but honestly, we can’t fault it.

With 2 large halls this year and ILB running one hall it gave the show a dynamic feel almost 2 shows for the price of one. In the original main Dubshed hall there was plenty of traders, a good buzz and some super clean Dubs.

William Cornett’s simply yet effective MK3 VR6 really caught our eye.

Another car that turned heads and attracted crowds all weekend was this super clean E34. Custom shaved and smoothed engine bay with an attention to detail interior by the genius that is Optimus Automotive Trimmers.

In the other hall we had Monster Energy who brought out the big guns in the form of Baggsy’s LSXR35. Honestly this car needs to be seen and heard in person!

For us personally it is great to see so many jap cars coming through the car scene now with performance looks but even some killing the stance game.

Calvin… You have impressed us with the Lexus’ look honestly, this car is so wide at the rear and for us it’s just the Jap stance nailed! You guys need to also check this car out!

So Dubshed is complete, cars have been unveiled and show season in N.Ireland has officially begun. If the rest of the season goes as good as Dubshed X has then we are in for a great year.

Congrats to the whole GTINI Team for another successful show and we look forward to seeing what’s next.

Words by: Rowen Corey

Photos by: Antoni Furman

Location: Lisburn, N.Ireland