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Your support and cars…

As I mentioned in Part 1, the weather on the lead up to SoLow couldn’t really have been any worse. We had thunderstorms days before and even on the Saturday as we loaded cars into the Arena it continued to rain. There was a few times were i looked at my watch and said to Ashton and Tara, I’m not so sure we are gonna pull this off.

Our first indoor show and anyone that attended could tell you that its quite a big lump of a space to fill and we needed a lot of cars. It goes without saying that shows are made by the standard of cars and the loyal and comitted car enthusiasts who travel near and far no matter what the weather to enjoy and create a buzzing show atmosphere.

This is were I’d like to take a quick minute to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended, both indoor and outdoor cars and spectators also. The show really does need each and everyone of you to be what it is and we hope that SoLow will only continue to grow to be a show everyone looks forward to attending.  


So let’s talk about some of those cars that made the journey to SoLow that really caught our eye.

First car i want to mention is our SoLow ‘Car of the Show’. Cathal Dobbin’s absolutely stunning fully restored Mk2 Ford Escort, genuinely no photos will do this car justice and you could likely fill a whole SD card of photos trying to capture all the small touches of pure class on this car! Cathal has spent a few years on this car and its first outing was SoLow and honestly i thought even being a classic car it fitted right at home.



When it comes to attention to detail William Cornett’s name has gotta be up there! I have genuinely never looked round any of his show cars and been disappointed and his Mk3 Golf is one of the best. His paint work in the cool LED lights is nothing but flawless, paint looks like it has just been sprayed and is still wet. William doesnt just focus on the big details however, his interior also has some oldschool class and not to mention his sick wheels that have been custom built 3 piece.



Sticking with the old school builds we had this simple yet effective VW Polo claiming one of our ‘Top 10’ Awards. Again super clean paint work with a simple clean interior but lowered just nice on a set of BBS RS alloys finished in a rich gold really sets it off.


Alot of people are buying the 6R Polo so to seperate yourself from the crowd can take alot of thought and effort and although this Polo looks like it just blends in we had alot of time for it! The rear fitment with the 3 piece Alfa wheels was on point and the gold hard ware again just gives it that colour contarst it needs to make it stand out with all the white on white.



There are so many cars we could continue to talk about but we will finish it off with another from out ‘Top 10’ Awards. Aaron Black’s topless E30. Aaron constantly wants to chamge this car up but honestly, if it was mine id sit on the back step with a cold beer and just admire it. The car is absolutely flawless! Smoothed and tucked engine bay, unreal fitment all round and paintwork like glass, the car is an absolute credit to you man!



We had an absolute ball at SoLow 2019 and we will absolutely be back 2020 and hope that you will join us to make it even bigger and better because we have already started planning on how to make things better and give you a show that you look forward to each and every year!

Huge thanks for all your continued support!



Words By: Rowen Corey

Photos By: Antoni Furman

Location: Magherafelt, N.Ireland