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Not bad for your first ever car…


Honestly where to even begin with this car! Craig hasn’t left anything on it untouched. We will start off with the obvious place to start, the exterior.


The 1999 E36 has been painted in an extremely loud yet tasteful custom Aqua/Green paint which really freshens this car up but we think it makes the Pandem widebody kit stand out even more. Honestly the presence this car has in the garage, at shows and on the roads is insane!


Whilst we were down shooting the feature of this car I was chatting to Craig and although its obvious to see by just looking at the car but Craig has really worked on the full look. Alot of people just through a big wing on a car or a widebody and hope it wins trophies but car has sourced LTW rear spoiler, Fancy Wide diffuser,  custom made splitter and exhaust to all come together to create this beast of a car.

So you have a crazy bright painted car, does this make wheel choices hard? It may do but if it does… Criag has smashed it with this incredible looking Work Miester M1’s that fit as tight as you’d like on this STATIC build.

So as we were saying, there is no doubt this car stands out but its not just the obnoxious modifications and bright paint that make this car the car it is. Craig has looked at alot of the smaller details also and we were super impressed!

He has the Red Bride seats, custom speedo guages, custom switch panel, Keys Racing steering wheel, Short shift gearknob and much more!

You could spend alot of time at shows checking out this car and appreciating the work thats gone into it and that is exactly would we would encourage anyone that gets the chance to see it to do! Craig is only getting started on this car and we cannot wait to see what else he does to it over time!


Photos by: Andrei Ciocan


Words by: Rowen Corey


Location Rush, Ireland