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At SoLow we love everything automotive and love to keep our show as varied as possible so read the following info and complete the application form below!   

We have over 150 indoor show and shine spaces available and space for 200 cars in our outdoor area at SoLow, with a selection of VIP spots for our favourite cars. Our 2020 show and shine is open to all makes and models of cars including our motorbike display.

Show and shine closes on 19th July 2020. 

Once show and shine closes on 19th July 2020, we will contact all applicants within 2 weeks. Please note that you are unlikely to hear from us until show and shine applications close.  Spaces are not allocated on a first come first served basis, but are selected on review of all applications.

Whether you are successful or not, we will contact you with an email to inform you of the status of your application 4 weeks prior to SoLow 2019.

If you are accepted for an indoor spot at the event, you must purchase a ticket within 14 days to confirm your place at the show. All accepted vehicles must be in the venue between 11am and 5pm on Saturday 1st August 2020, and must remain in place until 5.30pm on Sunday 2nd August 2020 unless directed otherwise by a member of the SoLow Crew.

Vehicle movement is strictly prohibited once the car is parked inside Meadowbank Arena until advised otherwise.

Upon acceptance £10 must be paid to secure your spot at the event.

By accepting your place in show and shine you are agreeing to these terms.

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